3 rd  Stage - Tercio de Muerte ("third of death") The cloth of the muleta is draped over the estoque and here the matador shows his skill in the passes that he makes. These consist of the trincherazo which is normally the opening pass performed on one knee then there is the pase de la firma in which the matador remains motionless whilst passing the cloth under the bulls nose. The manoletina involves holding the muleta behind the body and the natural pass is one in which the danger to the matador is increased as the estoque is removed from the muleta this reduces the target size and tempting the bull to charge at the larger object--the bullfighter. After performing these passes for several minutes during which time the matador tries to excite the crowd by moving closer and closer to the horns, he finally and lines up the bull for the kill. The blade has to pass between the shoulder blades and as the space between them is small; the feet of the bull have to be together as the bullfighter rushes over the horns. The kill is properly performed by aiming straight over the bull's horns and plunging the estoque between the withers into the region of the aorta. This requires considerable skill and discipline, not to mention a certain amount of raw courage, and for this reason is known as "el momento de la verdad" or the moment of truth. Glossary of Spanish Terms torear To fight bulls trajes de luces Suit of lights worn by a matador totil Entrance door to the corrida where the bulls enter the bullring. verónicas A basic cape used to encourage the bull capote Cape tanda A series of passes by the bull to the matador matador Bullfighter banderilleros Assistants to the matador. They also carry capes encourage the bull to charge at them so that the
matador can judge how this bull behaves. They also run at the bull and stick banderillas into the bull sometimes very acrobatically. picadores Pural for picador. A horse covered in leather and metal armour with a rider. morillo A mound of muscle on the bull’s neck banderillas Barbed sticks with brightly coloured ribbons attached faena Final phase tercio Third trincherazo A pass performed with the matador on one knee muleta A stick used by the matador before he replaces it with a sword estoque The sword used to kill the bull. It is very thin and curved but very strong ending in a needle point manoletina A pass where the bull passes behind the matador
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