When I first moved into the house and inspected the garden I noticed that there had been some other trees that had been removed at some time. After My initial clean up I decided I wanted to replant these missing trees. My wife likes freshly toasted almonds and I go crazy for peaches. So that decided which trees should be planted. I chose 1 year old saplings grafted on strong root stock and planted them in February with good supporting stakes. The peach gave us it’s first fruit on the end of the 2nd spring. More learning was required. The birds ate them all; the next year the tree was covered with nets before they became ripe. However after the birds came leaf curl and a little despair on my behalf. A little research by talking to the local farmers I discovered that I should have sprayed the tree completely with a copper solution in February prior to any regrowth talking place. This kills the pathogens that hide in the cracks in the bark waiting to infect the tree. Apparently this is blown in with the wind and needs to be done every year. I did this and the next year a great crop and no disease.
The almond tree required no help at all and the spring blossom is beautiful, if some what messy. But almond trees grow a a fantastic rate and give more fruit every year. But you have to careful of the tree roots as they are very strong as they hunt for water.
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